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Your thoughts on a personal investment strategy program!
posted by: PapaGeek @ Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:20 am
As my logon name indicates, Iím a computer geek! Actually Iím a recently retired Software Engineer whose last job was database management for a large Hedge Fund where one of their strategies was trend following.

I am working with a couple of friends to create a process that can analyze the current performance of a large list of mutual funds and then present the findings in an organized manor to help you invest in the best performing funds while diversifying your investments into multiple sectors of the economy.

The output of the process ...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Your thoughts on a personal investment strategy program!

Just hit 30. What am I doing with my money?
posted by: SyZ @ Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:02 am
I turned 30 last week, and paid off my credit card today. My current credit rating, at 50% utilization, was 747, and if it went above 750 after this last payment and paying it off I should qualify for all the 'excellent' credit cards, and I need to find which one I should get

I owe $7,200 on my 2011 Toyota Yaris, at 1.9% APR with a maturity date of 06/18

I owe $18k to Sallie Mae split across 5 loans with 3.8-6.9% interest

I owe $10k to MyFedLoan split across 2 loans with 2.8-6.8% interest

My current rent is ~ $750 after utilities, a...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Just hit 30. What am I doing with my money?

Best Online Investing Website to Increase your Income
posted by: onemilliondollarman @ Fri Oct 31, 2014 10:49 pm
Reduce risk and maximize return, learn how to make money investing online: buy daily asset shares online - ($10 per shares) Investing the money you have is the best way to double your income and get rich slowly, investing it make it work for you, not investing it make you work for it, buy shares today at Success Road To Wealth, asset shares up to 32.1% plus capital daily return. This is an amazing opportunity for you to make cool cash. Just to be clear on how this amazing schemes program work, visit. http://successclubtowealth.com/reg.php?ref=s...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Best Online Investing Website to Increase your Income

Self-Employed - Best Retirement Option?
posted by: rlashure @ Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:35 pm
My husband is 28 years old, self-employed, and without a retirement fund. I have one through my job, and would like him to start one ASAP. His business is just under two years old, and growing rapidly, but is currently not enough to give him much more than pocket change for a pay check every week.

I would very much appreciate any input on what he can do right now to at least get a retirement fund started, even if he is not able to contribute much right now. What is our best option?

Thank you!

Note: He did have a retirement fund when he...
Comments: 4 :: Read More >> Self-Employed - Best Retirement Option?

Reinvesting Capital Gains to Avoid Tax
posted by: perdiempt @ Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:29 am
From what I am reading on the internet, capital gains are not taxable unless they are realized gains. Does this mean that if I consistently reinvest all capital gains and dividends, I will not have to pay taxes until I sell the shares, even if I don't sell until 20 years from now?
Comments: 2 :: Read More >> Reinvesting Capital Gains to Avoid Tax

Two part-time jobs, no benefits, want to save for retirement
posted by: perdiempt @ Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:07 am
What is the best way to save for retirement when I am not eligible for any employer-sponsored plan? I have a Roth IRA but I will need to save more than that to be able to retire. Is there some other way for me to get the sweet deal that people get when they invest pre-tax dollars into a 401(k)? It seems unfair that I cannot save pre-tax dollars and then I get taxed again on any gains made.
Comments: 8 :: Read More >> Two part-time jobs, no benefits, want to save for retirement

Balance Transfer Problem
posted by: kaljr82 @ Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:10 pm
I am new here but need some help!

I recently initiated a balance transfer of $6600 from one credit card, to one I had where I could get 0% until mid next year when we get bonuses.
Anyway, everything was going smoothly I saw that the transfer check was sent, and cleared within a week, but I noticed the balance on the other credit card never went to zero.

I called and they said they never received anything. After speaking with someone from the other credit card company, it looks like when they initiated the transfer one digit of the cre...
Comments: 1 :: Read More >> Balance Transfer Problem

Advice desperately needed concerning my 401k
posted by: dedmunne @ Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:05 pm
I'm 49 years old and only have 51k in my 401k due to not being in a position to save for retirement until the last 8 years. I made my investment elections by looking at historical fund performances and basically left them alone.

I assumed y'all would want to see my choices and elections so I'll post them.

Interest Income Fund
Benchmark - Three Month Treasury Index - B of A 3-Month T Bill

Investment Grade Bond Index Fund
Benchmark - Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index

Comments: 6 :: Read More >> Advice desperately needed concerning my 401k

Investment Learning Courses
posted by: johnnyD2014 @ Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:22 pm
I've heard about courses and material you can buy that are offered to assist an individual in learning how to invest in stocks/forex/options/etc.

What have you all heard about these courses, would you think they are worth it to check out, how should I learn about investing other than just simply reading about it?

What advantages or disadvantages can you see with this? I want to make sure I kind of cover all my bases before I get a course or product to help me learn how to invest.

Comments: 2 :: Read More >> Investment Learning Courses

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