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”Credit Cards: Offering Purchase Protection”

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”Credit Cards: Offering Purchase Protection”  Reply with quote  

Credit cards are used widely by residents of Dubai urban township for a long time and it is really an ideal tool for meeting expenses. Interest rate, maximum period, cash back options, and annual fee are the factors to be considered while selecting a credit card. Major credit card providers in Dubai offer diverse types of cash cards like personal, gold, platinum and corporate cards. Credit card holders of Dubai can enjoy insurance plans, instalment loans, and exclusive privileges for UAE residents. There are credit card suppliers in United Arab Emirates which offer 3-4% cash back on all travel related purchases. Exclusive dining discounts, airport priority pass, and entertainment vouchers attract more people in Dubai towards pursuing a credit card.

As a privileged customer of a credit card, you can redeem reward points for flight tickets and mall vouchers. Credit card owner can avail zero percent easy instalment plans at leading merchants of consumer electronics outlets. Prominent credit card providers in Dubai are excited to offer purchase protection and extended warranty. Flexibility and convenience make credit cards the most trusted lieutenants of city residents in personal financial planning. Credit card presents lot of benefits for a self employed person and what matters only is the wise use of card. It is always suggested to approach a credit card provider with lowest interest rates and paying attention to online reviews will be highly beneficial in selecting suitable card. Making credit card application online is recommended because of the possibility of instant approval.

Post Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:00 am
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Prominent credit card providers in Dubai are excited to offer purchase protection and extended warranty.

I do not like this feature - as a credit card user I should not have to pay for others who carelessly lose, break, drop their 'toys'. I avoid cards that offer this.
Post Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:29 pm
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