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Potential Identity Theft with Limited Credit History

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Potential Identity Theft with Limited Credit History  Reply with quote  

I've referenced this website for a lot of financial concerns in the past and I probably should've registered and thanked you all. Now, I'm in need of advice..

I discovered a few days ago that a loan site had charged my bank account $30. The site works by getting a non-refundable fee of $30 and then they tell you how much money they can loan you. From what I determined, it appears that someone using an email address I have and my SSN was able to apply twice over the last few months. I pinpointed the email by finding emails for this loan service in my junk inbox. The loan service will not work with me to discover who used my information to apply for loans nor do they plan on giving me my $30 back.

What I have done about this so far:
*Disputed with Bank who is handling the unauthorized charge.
*In the middle of closing the bank account associated with the check they used and setting up a new account.
*Changed my Email Password and security information as well as online bank account password.
*Become extremely paranoid about how people have my SSN and Bank account information.

So.. I have prevented the loan service from trying to charge me any further and I've emailed them in hopes of closing any type of account they have with my information, but they won't talk to me as of yet.

My concern is that someone will get a loan in my name and not pay it back.. which will get reported and hurt my currently minimal credit history. I'm a young guy who doesn't have enough of a credit history to get a yearly credit report. This is changing as I just bought a car and I've got credit card I've been *using effectively*. Since I can't check my credit for potential red flags, I came here for advice. I've looked at ID protection services like LifeLock, but I have a feeling that they can't do much if I have a limited credit history.

Should I contact the SSA?
Should I enroll in some type of protection service?
Should I just wait and dispute whatever becomes of this (if anything)?
Post Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:22 pm
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The SSA can do nothing for you.

This explains what to do so much better than I can:


Good luck!!

PS - paranoid is good. Smile

Post Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:54 pm
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