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Looking for management services:

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Looking for management services:  Reply with quote  

I am looking to rent a old building of us where my parents resided for last 20 years. There are some repairs to be made and overall I can't afford it at one time. After renting it, I can able to get the repairs finished. I can invest maximum for its repair. Will tenants be agree for that and also they have to afford some amount to get the repairs workout after they get in the home. Is there any chance of that? I am completely acknowledged with the above statement. I am looking for the services to look after about the problem need to be solved. I also need that in future, I should not face any problem from the tenants regarding the house. I will pay back the money which was given by the tenants for the repairs. And lastly it should be rent to the mark of invested and profitable. Any such services?
Post Fri May 03, 2013 4:31 am
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