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Career Ladder Advice

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Career Ladder Advice  Reply with quote  

I graduated with a bachelors in economics from a great public university. while in school i enjoyed such classes as money and banking, finance, and real estate. my original plan was to move on to a consumer loan officer, then mortgage loan officer, and then commercial loan officer at a large REIT (real estate investment trust) or something cause i'm thinking it would be cool to make deals happen and watch large commercial projects like shopping malls or theaters spring up. the problem is that i don't like sales too much. in my current personal banker role, I do some minor cross-selling of products which is fine but i'm seeing that as a loan officer i'd have to do a lot of soliciting of referrals which would include cold calling and making direct deals with local businesses.

i'm now a little torn on how to progress. i am ready to move on from personal banking. i don't have much experience in direct/external sales. i'm thinking that sales is a hard and stressful field and my career path won't be much fun because of meeting sales targets and scheduling of meetings and what not. i don't want to become the broker type of person that is always on the cellphone even after work or during the weekends. on the other hand, sales does build character and the personal freedom would be nice. also good salesmen can make great deals of money. money is a great motivator for me but i don't want a field that will give me grey hair in my 30s if you know what i mean.

anybody have any suggestions for me?
Post Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:24 am
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Well, sales and "making deals happen" are essentially one and the same thing, so I suggest you re-examine with some introspection exactly what it is about your field that you find so interesting, and when you know what that is, you can narrow your search for career paths that match that. Maybe it's being the "prospecting" guy, may it's being the "deal-closing" guy, maybe it's being the "research" guy, maybe it's being the "numbers" guy. But there's certainly a wide, wide range of opportunities in your field. You just have to do some closer and more narrow focussing on where you fit in there the best.

Best wishes and good luck. Smile

Post Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:39 am
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