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2 New Systems (The BATTLE against DESCENSION!!)

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2 New Systems (The BATTLE against DESCENSION!!)  Reply with quote  

Read all of this Before You Judge Me please this could help Humanity HARD!!!!

There is some New TechnologyI Invented in here for you to read about but read about all of this...

Information on Descension!
The Black Sword... Money wins over Corperation.. but money lets them win.. and Corperation thinks they control it but it controls them,.. This is Deception by descension It is the Black Blade.. Money Use to be a Blade that Worked against Descension but the blade is dull and warn down and warped.. We need to drop it and move on.. But its the black Blade.... Think about it Descension is the Entaty that is Covert and you can not detect... You dont even know he is at work and you think it is common sense to fallow his ways.. and you will think of things that will battle him... for a time.. Back in the day this was Ascensions tool and now its Descensions wrath... Descension is all around money it stops you from just doing... If You want to Buy my Magnotubes Tech its Priceless.. and to Build it is Super Expensive.. Now is that True for real it Takes Everybody and Planet Resources now allways Remember that for the time being that Bartering with money Was ok and Bartering with Resources and Energy is Ok now even though its old stuff now it seams this old sword is ok Why.. Energy is Small stuff like Money works.. Now Energy is Interesting like that... but........... Eventualy it will be Descensions tool Descension will Decline you into the Dark Age.. Slow is Descensions tactic.. Holding you back from Ascension.. Descensions tactic is to make it seam like everything is just OK.. You have to look for Descensions work and its what holds you back.. Now Everyone Wants Ascension right.. soo we Know its not a Person.... But Descensions Tactics are THICK on this WORLD... I can SEE them All Arooouuunnnd You... Money is Worn down now.. and its time to Discard this tool and move on... It could be another Species Tool for Ascension who are in the Castle ages.. and thats ware it came from with little gold bits.. War is Descension... Thinking Something is Your Slave is Descension's work and is actualy Your Master.. waisting time is Descension.. Bad Expensive School is Descension.. I could name TONS of stuff that is Descension... Descension is the Opposite of Ascension... Just doing is Ascension but doing it for MONEY... is Descension today but back in the day was fine... but doing it for HUMANITY.. Heh... Is Ascension... Now we could do Energy and Meterial stuff.. But Eventualy.. Descension will Ascend on You.. Taking someones idea for your own persional gain.. Is Descension... Having to meet before to get to know and have to get to know before you can meet.... Paradox that is BAD.. Descension for sure... Wasting Energy.. Descension.. Like Petrolion powered Engine.. Is an ok invention.. Invention is Ascension.. but.. "-NOT- Keepinh Your Past Inventions is Descension.. " Loseing a life is Descension.. But Saving a life is Ascension.. Being Afraid of going to Space is Descension's work.. There are Resources out there... Descension is all around you... Patent office was once ascension but is now Descension.. Why? Asking Me a Question You Should Figure out Yourself is Descension.. Figuring it out Yourself is Ascension but it is also Descension not to Explain to.. But if I explain to MUCH... Descension Comes.. Now Ideas just sit there not used... And the Genius could make more but chooses not to.. Because his IDEA gets Stolen... He dies and give it to his kid it still is unused.. Descension... Now think it through and look around for Descension... Work For the Betterment of Man Kind Ascension.. Working for Money and Yourself is Ascension a little but Descension a lot.. Sure you help out your corperation and world a little but.. Working to Manage Money?? Descension.. All You do Is Direct cotton slips around. I dont get why it even helps.. Now Energy... But Energy will lead you to Descension eventualy.. There is allways going to be a usefull sword agains Descension that will eventualy Ware out into Descensions tool.. Defending Money Because its common sense and there is even a better system that is quite litteraly Energy and Money.. and You do not want to use this for the rest of the ages.. is Descension.. Now doing it just to do.. Doing it Because it is the Right thing and the thing that needs to get done the most is ascension for sure and i dont know how it could be Descension UNLESS YOU GET LAZY.. LAZY IS DESCENSION... TV!!!!!!! A GREAT Communication Device and Your face comes up and you talk to everyone.. But soon it will be Descension toooooooooooool.... Fun is Ascension tell it goes to far... if you have fun Constaintly... Descension Ascends on You.. HAHAHAHA.. You have to BEAT Descension... Now Ascension and Descension is A Dimension... We are slowly Ascending a little... But soon You will be Descending... I dont like the idea of Descending.. Soo UHhhhh... What do we doooooooo.... HMMMMMM.. Eventualy Money is like the Black Blade Explained in this Song Below this Explaination of things on Youtube.. Listen to it...
There all around and Descension hides behind them.. the Moment You Know and You take it away.. Descension runs away...
It Seams Like this Song Even Explains Money.. Mostly...
Anything that Holds You back and is a Billion Million years ago and Holds you back is Descension it just seams like ascension.. Could have been ware you were in half the time... Seams like Money is the Problem too...
Now Destroying Buildings thinking You will Get Descension is Descension tooooo.... and it not a good idea.. That is just a building.. and the Persion is just under Descension's Influence and Descension's tool is MONEY..

https://youtu.be/4Tf1qy9cO5A?list=PLZ7jA1UnWEjToYtyMSdQxBA6dcQiJrPB_ (SONG)

You cant even prove me Wrong about Money...
Hahaha Before you even try to prove me wrong you have to come up with the perfect argument.. and then when i counter you.. have to think it out and come up with the perfect argument against that..

Ascension for this Species would be to find a new way..
There is another way.. Using Energy as Money.. Now eventually this is Descension's tool too might be Ascension for a little while..
But to just do and set up a System to Support it.. I do Admit that Descension would be to remove money and allow people to take and do whatever they want so...
You could fill out a Form for an Item or for things you need.. and it is also provided to you and you gain privilege as you work

I FIght and battle and holy war against Descension with Technology and Knowledge tooth and nail and Now I will Provide You with some Technology to help you on your way
Descension will be Covert and Deceive you into blvng its Ascension and the moment you catch Descension he will run away from you somewhat but Descension is thick in others minds and you have to help them catch Descension aswell.. and then Descension will run from them to and all it takes is Understanding

MagnoTube (Faster Transit) (SlipStream Delivery Services)
Charged magnets in the Tube +++++
UnCharged magnets in the Tube ----------
Capsle oo
The Tubes have all south Magnets Pointing Inwords and the North ends pointing out of the tube
Capsule in the tube Points all south ends out keeping it center in the tube
Electromagnets keep it center
This Thing uses Gravity To Writhe through the Tube and also the Tube Is Vacumed For Frictionless
and a little pad Swipes through the Tube to Get the Rest of the Air before the capsle is Writhed through it
then You Launch Capsule Through With Compressed air and the Swipe that Swipes the Air Launching it through the Tube at mass speeds Now You can Of course Accelerate it slower
You can also Use the Magnets on the Capsle to Maneuver the Capsule around fine Like the Botom Magnets Are on Light and they pull up and Push away the North pulls it twords south Up andf the tube has a south end magnet pointing down at the capsule but the tube has a south end magnet pointing up at the capsle at the bottom of the tube so it moves up
Or the top Magnets Pull it down or Whatever You can Maneuver in the Tube Literally
We have to build this thing to go underground to save space on the surface of the earth...
I hope Money does not stop you.. You perhaps Just have to doooooo....
https://youtu.be/z5-mD6Dy7c0?list=PLZ7jA1UnWEjToYtyMSdQxBA6dcQiJrPB_ (SONG)
I have Superconductors but that comes later
I also have Star ship and Space Tech that will allow us to Get alpha Centari wich i would Love to Explain if I am PM"D
https://youtu.be/NUbYbz2cxyo?list=PLZ7jA1UnWEjToYtyMSdQxBA6dcQiJrPB_ (Song)
"The Universe Immensely Rich"

Two New Systems
the Just Do SYSTEM..
In this System you work for Privligis to work up to getting things and you get limeted based on your Circumstances
The Just do System is Perfect against Descension

Energy and Mass SYSTEM!
Energy acts like money and Mass is something you get to say lets create a prototype or Medicine or whatever necessity like food You work for Energy and mass and you get payed in points and Energy costs points and mass costs points and you formulate this around to 75% Energy and 25% mass and the Mass buys you the food and medicine and the Energy Buys You whatever else
Will Become Descension's tool and Slow us down Eventually

Allways keep an EYE out for Descension.. Descension Must fall and We must Ascend..


what is the difference between me and you to Albert Enestine! nothing.. only yourself! look at you! rise above yourself!
(energy equals everything squared!
sovereign light! fallow the path of light or descend!
Post Fri May 29, 2015 7:00 pm
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