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Need Help With international Funds With Roth IRA

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Need Help With international Funds With Roth IRA  Reply with quote  

Hi Everyone,

I would like to get some advice on my portfolio. I was always told it's a good idea to have about 20-25% invested in global/international funds.

My broker convinced me back in 2008 to put some money in CWGIX. It's not a bad fund, and it pays quarterly dividends plus a capital gain once a year. The performance just has not been there since I've owned it. At that time I invested in the fund, it didn't even have a 20 year history. Since I've been invested in this fund It has returned 7.36%.

Now on the other hand, I personally happen to like ANWPX better. This fund has a much longer history (has been out since 1973) and I think it has a better long term potential since hopefully I wont be needing this money for 30+ years. This is a growth fund where CWGIX is and growth and income.

Can anyone offer any advice on if I should consider selling CWGIX for ANWPX?

Please help

Post Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:41 pm
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My portfolio is quite diverse from Investment Real Estate, 401k's, Pera's & Roth IRA's. As for Foreign investment funds, I put only 20% into VTRIZ, which has had decent returns of 8.82% which isn't bad. Because I believe in American companies like Apple, Mcdonalds, Yahoo, Google and many thousands smaller companies, I give a larger portion of the pie too VTSAX which has averaged around 11%, plus because my funds are admiral status, my fees are .05%. So, if your looking for better foreign investments, consider the VTRIX as a viable option.

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Post Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:16 pm
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If you purchased both of them in 1993, they would be worth about the same amount today. Neither are truly international funds as they both hold close to 50% in international equities. Personally, I wouldn't own either.

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Post Fri Dec 11, 2015 1:13 am
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