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A New guy asking "How To Invest?"

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i guess now the gold and the other metals are the new way to invest your money for a mid-long term with a great results , don't you agree Smile ?

Actually, gold doesn't "go up" in price, it stays the same while the value of the dollar goes down. So, gold measured against dollars APPEARS to go up. But gold measured against cars, against loaves of bread, against hamburger, wash machines, didn't go up.

New way? Gold, silver, frankincense, and myrrh were around a few 1000 years ago. Be cautious about trendy stuff, fads, etc - study/learn before you go into a "new get rich quick" plan. They are often sold as annuities "that can only go up", "australian plan that the banks don't want you to know about", lol.
Post Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:33 pm
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Originally posted by Trader01
Hello Guys,
I'm new here in this respectful forum, and am looking to be an active member and to be a helpful member.
I've a good knowledge about technical analysis for financial markets due to my work in this field as a freelancer. However, I would like to know more about it and in addition to this to know from you more about the opportunities of investments for assets other than Forex, so I guess we can help each other in many ways.
Am looking to hear from you very soon guys.
Thanks and regards!

Investing is a time frame. The only difference between the act of investing, swing trading or day trading is your intention as it relates to how long you are going to hold your position.

It is important to get clear on your financial goals. I have clients who have held Facebook for example for the last ten years. Trading stocks like $AQXP can give you a return on your money that will take investors years.

Clarity of intention is key. More important, a trading education, and even more important is the emotional maturity to follow your plan!

I hope this helps.

KC Powers, Director
Day Trading Dynamix
Post Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:04 am
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