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invest stock market

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I think it is better you invest your money into bitcoin because bitcoin bitcoin fluctuated very significantly the meaning changes and we can take advantage of the price difference that changes very quickly, because in the bitcoin exchange market trading volume reached hundreds of billions of dollars and I’m sure in the future bitcoin will grow rapidly and become an online payment tool that is able to compete with PayPal, Payza, NETELLER, Skrill, etc. so what’s the harm trying but it all depends you and the risk is yours. because bitcoin trading risks as great as forex is very risky, but if you’ve experienced I’m sure you can, and the bitcoin we can trade for other currencies such as Litecoin, doge coin, peer coin, coin name and we take advantage of the price difference stretcher as well as trading for profit from the difference between the price of the currency in question. how would you be interested in joining the millions bitcoiner worldwide and achieve your financial advantage because bitcoin trading on very easy in comparison with the forex trading should learn the various techniques are confusing and if not then we will have the faculty to learn forex trading difficulties and that there we are just going to get a loss invest stock market. yalova, Turkey
Post Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:57 pm
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Apple inc. is worth $600 billion. Don't you think $600 billion is taken from the economy which could be used to buy food, housing, products and services ?

At $200 billion Apple inc's worth, $400 billion will be released into the world economy. There will sales of $400,000,000,000
Post Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:31 pm
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