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Is a loan worth it? Should I get it or not?

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Is a loan worth it? Should I get it or not?  Reply with quote  

So I have things that need paying. I've thought of getting a loan, then pussed out and didn't. But now, realistically, I'm running out of the choice to puss out. So I'm now with the option to get a loan.

I can sort of pay these things off in time. Sort of because I'll be having to choose between what I can wing it with and what NEEDS paying at the moment. I only get paid so much and am looking for a new job, but I'm currently barely, if even, hanging on.

I know, I got myself into this situation and it's my fault. Shouldn't have made dumb choices, but it's not like I can go back into the past and not do what I did so all I can do is learn the hard way. I don't need a ***** session, please. Like please don't just take the time to ***** at me for things I did when I was 17, had my first full time job, and money. I obviously wasn't thinking long-term.

I figure a loan will be better cause thats a low monthly payment that'll cover my other debts way quicker, with less of a constant headache and stress. I also won't be using my entire paycheck to try and cover one bill, or most of one at this rate cause late fees are being added.

I also ask because a lot of these bills are reaching deadlines I don't think I'll be able to make. I already just ignored my phone, renters insurance, and put off going to the hospital for weeks. Haven't been driving my car to save gas money. Walk or ride my bike to avoid bus fares. Barely eating to avoid shopping costs. All this and I know damn well I won't make the deadlines.

So I know this is a bit long but is a loan worth it? Is a 48 mo loan, worth it at all? Something I know I can pay monthly. I'm being serious and refuse to give more info than needed currently, though I figure most of yall will dig in and get what you want anyways. Or should I use the money I am paid and hopefully pay this off one thing at a time?

And lets not dig into my personal life, it's already ****ed up as is. But my family refuses to help until I "Finally get right with God and decide to be the man loving women you're born as" (as said by various aunts, cousins, and family friends)

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Post Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:31 am
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If you can get a 48month loan at an interest rate that is less than the average interest rate you are paying on your other debts, then yes. Be careful of strings attached, but if this is a bank or credit union loan, then yes, it is likely a good idea to consolidate.
Post Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:33 pm
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