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A bank account has been opened in my name!

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A bank account has been opened in my name!  Reply with quote  

Ooof. This is partly venting, and partly hoping that someone can give me advice other than what I am already planning on doing.

I chase bank account bonuses - similar to credit card bonuses, except you get them for opening bank accounts and completing a set of requirements. The requirements are often set up a recurring direct deposit, complete a certain amount of debit card transaction, etc. Simple stuff if you're willing to set it up (which I am). The bonus you receive is taxable, and at the end of the year, you receive a 1099-INT in the amount of the bonus. No big deal.

I've been waiting for my 2016 1099s to complete my taxes, and got one from a bank I had done business with in 2015 (opened an account in May 2015, closed it in Dec 2015, according to my emails). I was a bit confused by this, went and double checked my 2015 taxes, and sure enough, there it was. So I called this bank to tell them the 1099 had been created in error, and I needed it to be cancelled or whatever happens to an erroneous tax form. After 30 minutes of being transferred, and having to repeat myself 5 times, I finally landed on a CSR who informed me that the 1099 I was looking at was for my account that has been opened in Dec of 2015 and closed sometime in 2016 (and whatever bonus credited to this account was credited in 2016, hence the tax form). The only problem is.......I never opened this account. It's matched up to my name, mailing address, and SS#. This just became a much bigger issue than I thought it was.

I was instructed to go visit a branch to see what could be done - I was not terribly satisfied with this response, so I tweeted to the bank, and someone on their social media team reached out to me. He ended up calling me, and sure enough, there's a second account that I did not open. He could not give me any info, other than to say I need to file a police report and then contact the bank's fraud department, which I will do later today. I also requested a copy of my Chex Systems report last night to see what bank accounts have been opened in my name.

Any ever had this happen to them? I do check my credit report weekly, and there's been nothing there that shouldn't be - I am assuming this is because I am rebuilding my credit and so anyone who stole my identity likely wouldn't be able to get credit anyway. Any suggestions outside of what I am already doing?
Post Mon May 08, 2017 8:46 am
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