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Using Condo as a home base from traveling

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Using Condo as a home base from traveling  Reply with quote  

I plan on semi-retiring in a few years and plan to basically travel and live abroad during the winter months and live back in my current city in the summer time. I work remotely.

I have never owned a house or condo. No kids so never needed the space of a house and liked the flexibility of being able to move as I please with renting.

Condos here are around 100-125k for what I would be interested in so the payments would be pretty low.

For those who have or currently owned a condo would you recommend buying a condo and possibly renting it out during my traveling months? Or just forgo ownership and the hassle of renting and special assessments that come along with HOA? I would be resorting to finding a rental each time I come back.

thank you!
Post Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:35 am
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Owning a condo can be quite a hassle. Our relatives had one, they used it about every month for a week. On two occasions, an upstairs condo had a major leak that flooded their first floor condo. The place was covered with mold, ruined furniture, fallen dry wall - quite a mess. And trying to rent out a condo for just a few months at a time is quite a hassle - altho there are companies that you can hire to manage those properties.
Another option might be to rent an apt in your current city - and keep it year around. (Similar to making condo payments years around).
Post Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:14 am
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