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Am I being unreasonable...or does my RE agent suck?

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Am I being unreasonable...or does my RE agent suck?  Reply with quote  

Sorry if this comes across as a bit of a rant...but I've been working with an agent I found (via online referral/word of mouth) as a first time condo buyer for the past 2-3 weeks. And so far, I haven't been particularly impressed...although I don't know if that is because my expectations are too high, or if my agent is no good.
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Some examples of things that irk me:

1) Slow responses to e-mails/questions: For example, this morning I wrote to him about some places at 6:30am to see if I could check them out, he didn't write back until 5pm today and said he's still working on booking timing
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2) I'm pretty much searching for properties myself (condos.ca/realtor.ca) - and I've noticed sometimes there's places that are on the market for 2, 3 days that become sold already. Is it that the market is just THAT fast, or should I be getting some sort of daily listings from my agent to see what's for sale? I can only refresh these websites so many times throughout the day (since I'm at work of course) and they could very well be behind in terms of when a place goes up versus when I see it online. Do most people have to do this type of leg work all themselves?

Should I just bail on this guy before its too late (haven't signed anything), or is this considered to be the 'norm'?
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Post Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:11 am
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