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Keep renting with less commute or buy with more commute?

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Keep renting with less commute or buy with more commute?  Reply with quote  

We have a decent downpayment saved up and in a position to buy a house in Seattle area.
We are in our early 30s with no kids. Will probably have kids in next few years.
We are looking for 3 bedrooms + and a good school district.
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Problem is most of the good properties are around 20 miles from downtown.

Our options:
1. Buy 3 bed house in good school district, 20 miles from downtown.
2. Continue to rent 1-2 bed in Downtown or somewhere with direct commute to downtown.
3. Buy 2/3 bed townhouse/condo in an area with maybe not so good school district. I dont like this option. This would have been a good option if we were in our 20s, but I think its too late to do this now. Don't want to buy something that I know i'll have to move out of in a few years.
4. Buy townhouse or condo (but in a good school district) with a better commute. This is the kind of houses we will keep looking for even if we rent, but it seems unlikely we will find something in our price range.
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I'm not able to convince myself to buy a house - Pay more for mortgage than rent, spend more time in commuting just to end up in a nice big house with empty rooms (as we don't have need for the rooms now).
Am I missing something?

On the other hand, considering the prices going up so much, I'm worried about being priced out and that in next few years, I might not even be able to afford what I can today.
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Post Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:32 am
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