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Mortgage penalties, need a service!

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Mortgage penalties, need a service!  Reply with quote  


I want to know more about the mortgage penalties. I have secured a home mortgage in 2015. Its term was for 5 years. As it is a variable rate mortgage, I am finding it very difficult to make the payments. So, now I am planning to switch the mortgage and the broker too. But, I am worried about the penalties I have to pay!

I have no idea on the penalty rates. If you have gone through similar situations, let me know the details. I had a search on the internet to find more details. I don't think my broker would provide me with the right data as I am breaking the contract with them.

In my search, I have noticed a site mentioning mortgage penalties in Canada. What do you think of consulting them for a service?
Reply awaited. Thanks in advance!
Post Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:13 am
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