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Extended Warranty from Credit Cards

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Extended Warranty from Credit Cards  Reply with quote  

Just wanted to get some opinions on this question:

Will I be eligible for my credit card's extended warranty if my Amazon.ca camera purchase has a $5 promo code discount and a further $30 camera purchase promo code discount applied?

My credit card insurance policy states:

"The following benefits apply when You charge the full Purchase price of Personal Property or Gift items to Your Account. Items obtained through the redemption of loyalty points earned under the MasterCard reward program are covered."

I guess the question is if it is still considered the "full Purchase price" if the $5 and $30 promo codes are used.

The $5 promo code was given to me by Amazon as a goodwill gesture and comes off automatically. In other words, I cannot choose not to apply it to my camera purchase.

I am expecting to receive the $30 promo code valid on camera purchases from Amazon.ca from the upload a photo for Prime members promotion tomorrow.

The insurance seems to exclude all non-Mastercard types of points redeemed but I'm not sure if these Amazon promo codes are considered "point redemptions".

Any opinions would be appreciated!
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Post Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:12 am
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Post Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:24 am
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Promo codes by the banks for customers are pretty useful I always suggest this to everyone must adopt the benefit from it. Thank you so much for the best essay writing service article in detail about the extended warranty of credit cards.
Post Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:29 pm
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