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Do you use promotional products in marketing?

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Do you use promotional products in marketing?  Reply with quote  

Do you use promotional products in marketing?
Post Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:01 pm
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The Best business promotional items which work for me are:

Coffee cup: Coffee cups are easy to personalise and are a usable item. which make it perfect gift for the giveaways. companies and brands are putting their logo on it and promoting their brands.
Books: Everybody like to read books and interesting stories in the free time.You can either go with a Hardcover or a soft copy. Kindle Paper white is a good way to promote the brand.
T-shirts: T-shirts and apparels are also another way of Promoting the brand. they give great exposure to the brand and increase the visibility.
Bags: Weather it is a backpack or a carry bag both works in Promoting a brand. They are an excellent medium for brand awareness and let the people know about the brand and its products.
Post Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:22 pm
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Promoting your brand by using customised everyday items is a rather great idea and totally yields results. If you are still debating the choice, here are 5 benefits of promotional products that will make you lean towards them:

- Increases brand recognition
- A replacement/supplement of business cards
- It helps you in retaining your existing customers
- They are totally worth your money
- They increase brand loyalty

You can find many great ideas for promotion products here.
Post Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:06 pm
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Using promotional products is a great way to break the ice with a potential customer, as they’ll be more likely to listen to what you have to say. If you can get their attention and keep it, you probably have the power to follow through with a sale.
A study conducted by L.J. Market Research found that 52% of participants given a promotional item ultimately did business with that company. The power of statistics is real. However, to get the positive results you’re striving for, you will need to execute the process of choosing and distributing promotional products properly.

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Post Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:00 pm
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