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Financial stability of federal pensions

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Financial stability of federal pensions  Reply with quote  


There was a recent thread in which the OP sought advice on his AA given that a public sector pension covered all of his routine expenses. Several posters raised the issue of some municipal and state systems not be adequately funded, leading to a need to consider that fact in determining AA as pensions could potentially be reduced or eliminated in the future. That led me, as a military retiree, to again think about my assumptions regarding my pension and the federal pensions of retired civil servants. What do BHs think the potential threats to federal pensions are? I've always thought that the worst case would be the reduction, temporary suspension or total elimination of COLAs but not a reduction in nominal amounts or outright cuts. But that might be wishful thinking on my part. If you receive a federal pension what assumptions do you make?
Please help.

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Thanks for sharing.

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