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Tear down of old home

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Tear down of old home  Reply with quote  

Hey guys, first time posting I'm fairly new to this so give me some tips if i am doing anything wrong.

So my family has put down a deposit for builders to tear down and build a new home, the home and land we are building on is owned by us. We are going with the builder that the agent has recommended so thats who we are dealing with, the agent. Its been about 3-4 months since the contract has been signed and overtime we ask the agent when will the house be teared down and we keep getting that old fashion "too busy" and haven't gotten and expected date. What should i be expecting? Is it right for them to not give me a ETA on when the house will be teared down? I know i should push them on a date but is there certain things i should refer to or mention to hold leverage on pushing for a date?

Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

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Post Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:48 am
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The contract will have the completion date, cost, statement of work, drawings, specifications, cancelaton costs, late penalties, and much more.
So if your contractor is not performing, you fine him - or fire him for cause.

But why is there an agent involved??
Post Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:36 pm
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For a start, call a building inspectors
Casey was prompt and professional, and we had our clearance letter within 48 hours.
The hygienist we worked with was Robert, he was courteous and knowledgeable and made us feel like we were his only clients with highest priority.
Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:37 am
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I believe it is hard to shoot for a date because of permits and all sorts of red tape everyone has to go through.
I do not know much about the topic either other than having done it once before long ago when we had our first house built on a piece of terrain. It was hell getting all the paperwork in order and approved.
We Buy Houses In Connecticut
Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:55 am
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Thanks for sharing.

observations and solutions for cable companies
Post Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:41 am
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Post Thu Dec 12, 2019 11:28 pm
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