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Wall Street (Dow Jones) Prediction 2018

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Wall Street (Dow Jones) Prediction 2018  Reply with quote  

2017 turned out to be a pretty banner year for investors and America as an entire. The U.S. stock market indexes all hit dozens of new all-time highs, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average setting a record for the most record closes hit in a single year. It's safe the say the memories of the Great Recession have been put to bed for good. The U.S. economy hummed along, despite the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates on three separate occasions. GDP growth in the third quarter came in at a very healthy 3.2% ahead of the holiday season, and the U.S. unemployment rate of 4.1% as of Nov. 2017 is the lowest it's been since December of 2000.

The U.S. stock market will experience in 2018 its first correction in over two years. 2017 was one of the most extraordinary years in the history of the stock market. It's essentially been two years since the stock market progressed lower by at least 10%. My suspicion is that'll change in 2018. Since 1950, the S&P 500 has had 35 corrections that, when rounded to the nearest whole number, were 10% or greater, according to Yardeni Research. Though the stock market doesn't care about the possibility, history says we're due.

The U.S. stock markets' annual winning streak will come to a modest end. The stock market has been on a relative tear now for nine consecutive years. This writer doesn't believe it'll extend to a 10th year. Long-term buy-and-hold mogul Warren Buffett often suggests that investors "be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful." Right now, things look a little too perfect, and there's very little pessimism to be found on Wall Street. That looks to be the perfect means for a disappointing year for the broader market if Buffett's analysis is correct.

Source: http://www.stockmaster.in/dow.html
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Thanks for the post.

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