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Bitfreezy Offers 25% Deposit Bonus, Your Perfect Forex Partn

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Bitfreezy Offers 25% Deposit Bonus, Your Perfect Forex Partn  Reply with quote  

Get Bitfreezy 25% Deposit Bonus on your every deposit.

Open trades with greater volumes and increase 25% greater equity.

This bonus isn't constrained to reserves. This can be benefited on each deposit made by you in MT5 Trading Account.

Register your trading account with Bitfreezy picked by the expert brokers worldwide.

Trade protected and gainful by begin utilizing the 25% Deposit Bonus.

How to receive 25% Deposit Bonus?

1. Signup and Open Forex Account
2. Choose “Get 25% Deposit Bonus” in CRM

Follow the terms and Trade



The 25% Deposit Bonus cannot be applied on internal transfers between the trading accounts of a client
The 25% Deposit Bonus is CASHABLE and will be added in your balance as you complete the target lots. This means that the bonus can be in your ownership after successfully completing the trading of target
The bonus shall be credited into your account and locked until the target volume requirements are met. After the required volume is completed, the bonus will be deducted from your credit and simultaneously added into your balance. Thus, making you the owner of the bonus amount and you can withdraw it without any restriction.
It is required to trade (bonus amount)/2 (bonus amount divided by two) standard lots to be able to withdraw a bonus
The bonus for each deposit is considered a separate bonus
Volume calculation starts from the first bonus and continues consecutively. This means that you can't withdraw later bonuses before you trade the required volume for the first bonus, and so on. The volume calculation starts from the moment the bonus is requested. The volume for each deposit is calculated separately For Example: You made a $100 deposit on Monday and started trading. On Wednesday you claimed $25 bonus. Volume calculation for your bonus starts from Wednesday, any volume traded before Wednesday will not be included. It is advised to claim a bonus right after your deposit is credited to your trading account
The bonus can be withdrawn ONLY if by the moment of lots calculation, the bonus is still present in the account. If a Client had traded the required volume, but the bonus has already been cancelled, it would not be added or compensated
In case the client’s equity reaches or falls below the total deposit bonus, all the deposit bonus will be cancelled from the client’s account
If the account balance upon withdrawal/internal transfer becomes less than or equal to the deposit bonus amount, all deposit bonus will be cancelled

The Deposit Bonus can only be applied to the account for which the bonus has been approved and bonus amounts received cannot be transferred between a Client’s trading accounts
The maximum term of the bonus is 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period, the bonus shall stand cancelled and be removed from the client’s account. Continued use of a Deposit Bonus beyond the 12 month period is at the sole discretion of the Company and the Company’s decision is final
Visit these specified Terms and Conditions often so update yourself with the changes and updated version of these Terms and Conditions

Read Full Terms on Official website.
Post Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:38 am
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Post Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:21 am
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Thanks for sharing.

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Post Mon Mar 15, 2021 2:53 pm
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