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Disapearing Sales ? need help

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Disapearing Sales ? need help  Reply with quote  

I am a Sales Director for a small manufacture of molded plastic accessories. I work for a this small business where I am paid a base salary (1/2 of a normal income) and commission on increase in sales. The sales numbers are the top line of our chart of accounts.
every week, sometimes many times per week, I review the numbers in QuickBooks to see if our sales are down for the quarter or if they up for the quarter from the previous year. (sales persons speedometer)
I only get commission on sales that are above the same quarter the previous year (GROWTH). I always run the same report “Reports” ,“Company and financial” , “Profit and loss previous year comparison” I then plug in the beginning date of the quarter to the last day of the quarter.

I take screen shots of the books (save a .pdf) because I started noticing something I can’t explain.
That the sales dollar values were going down a week or 2 weeks after the books closed. (should be no sales activity, up or down)
for example: It say we booked $229k in sales for April 1st through June 30th in 2017 which was $116K more than Q2 previous year 2016 ($113K Sales).
Then 2 weeks later I look in QuickBooks under the same date range and same report type and the sales numbers have gone down. In this example from $229k to $208( -$21k)
We have multiple sales line items and it is happening on 3 of the 4 line items. usually adds up to over 70k to 100k per quarter.
I have asked our controller and she tells me that I just looked at the books in the exact time she was moving money in and out. And maybe I printed the report exactly at the time she was moving money in and out of the accounts.
What doesn’t make sense is that I have multiple days of the same booked sales (at example $229k) over a week of this wouldn’t make sense.

Then I asked myself if maybe we invoiced an order, or multiple orders, that we didn’t ship. We would have to pull the sales out of the account to rectify the books. But because we have it happening in 3 of the 4 accounts and it has happened 3 consecutive quarters I don’t think we have made that many mistakes.. so incorrect invoicing is probably not the problem.
Then I thought a return? Maybe a shipping credit?
Nothing would add up to that kind of $ discrepancy…

My problem is that I am afraid of asking my employer and the controller for the real reason. There are multiple people in the company under me who get quarterly commissions and it seems like we are all getting robbed.
I am afraid I will lose my job if I point the finger. Not sure what to do.
Is there some type of accounting practice that I am not thinking about that could legitimately be effecting the invoiced sales on the top line or should that only grow with maybe some small credit adjustment corrections.

I am so confused and need some advice here.
I have worked for this guy for 9 years and have seen him screw others over. I worry it could be the owner and it could be the controller or both.
I would not ever want to point the finger unless I knew for sure or I could prove it.

Lawyers are going to cost me more time and emotional energy then I can handle.

I am open to any and all ideas!
thank you!
Post Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:58 pm
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Post Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:31 am
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Post Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:00 am
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Post Tue Mar 16, 2021 3:15 pm
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