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How Much Money Will I Make?

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How Much Money Will I Make?  Reply with quote  

I want an approximation of how much money I could make. This is all hypothetical.

If I started a website and got about 1000 hits per day, if I had ads on my website, how much money would I make on average with 1000 hits per day? How many hits would I need to cover overhead costs?
Post Sat Feb 12, 2005 6:24 am
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Of the 1000 to visit your website how many click on adverts?

Pay per clicks run .05 to .1 dollars.

So 1000 times the concervitave .05 is 50 cents per day if 100 percent check out an advert. So if you cost is below say 10 cents you might break even as not everyone visiting will look at an advert.

My math could be bad.

Anyone else want to give it a run through?

1000 hits is awsome but might not be a money maker.

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Post Sat Feb 12, 2005 6:52 am
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running a succesful website is labor intensive just like any other venture. how much miney you make depends on what type of advertising you have (for example there are a feiw adverts that will pay 100.00 if you sell just one of there product. but dont pay you to host there ad) other advertisments pay per hit etc. 1000 in traffic a day is incredible, you would need a fantastic site to get that many hits, even a hundred a day is prety good at first. what type of site did you have in mind.?
Post Sun Feb 13, 2005 12:02 am
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as FYI for a 1000 visits you are doing good to get 1% click thru's on average. so that would mean 10 people click through and depending on what you use lets just say adsense... and lets say your site is on a topic that pays higher click through it seem mortgage pays decent even as much a 4 bucks a click but lets just say .50 a click so that would be only 5 bucks a day which isnt bad at all as it should cover your hosting fees and put a little change in yoru pocket.....

Post Sun Feb 13, 2005 12:36 am
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Hi There,

According to me, you should not depend upon Google Adsense to earn money through online. Because it pays very low amount. Wherein if you write a couple of blogs and make them visible on Google a lot of users will ask you for a guest post.

If you a good amount of traffic and if you have google number of DA you could earn a lot. In my opinion you should opt Google Adsense as your second choice. There a lot of other website where they pay you to place their ads on your website. So along with Google Adwords go for the other website and try to rank the best blogs you have written.

Post Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:31 pm
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