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What is benefits of travel insurance?

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travel insurance is very importanr for us,it is useful for our travel
Post Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:43 pm
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Medical Treatment, Emergency Medical Assistance, Medical Evacuation, Hospital Benefit, Missed Departure, Personal Liability, Personal Accident
Post Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:22 am
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Off course.During vacation marketing is my favourite activity.I use to shop everyday and in course of such shopping I enjoy with my friends too.
Post Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:11 pm
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travel insurance is very importanr for us
Post Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:10 am
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Most travelers spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect vacations, but they often overlook the importance of getting a good travel insurance policy. Travelers are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents when they are traveling in a strange land, and there is no sure way to prevent unfortunate incidents from taking place.
Although travel insurance cannot help people avoid misfortunes during their travels, it offers consolation in the form of monetary compensation, which can be very useful in certain situations. Travel insurance provides a wide range of benefits for travelers. Firstly, it offers financial recovery for medical expenses that are incurred because of accidents and illnesses. Medical treatment is very costly in some countries, and those who sustain serious injuries may have to pay medical bills that amount to tens of thousands of dollars. With travel medical insurance, travelers can get reimbursement for the total amount of money that they spend on medical treatment. Travel insurance also covers medical evacuation, which means that travelers do not have to pay medical emergency transportation expenses with their own money.
Another important benefit of travel insurance is that it provides protection against trip cancellation and interruption. When an emergency arises before or during a vacation, travelers may have to cancel or cut short their trips. Since they have already paid for their vacations, they will stand to lose a substantial amount of money. Travel insurance ensures that they will get compensation for losses that result from trip cancellation or interruption. Additionally, those who have a travel policy will get coverage for loss baggage or personal belongings.
Other types of coverage that are available to travel insurance buyers include travel delay, tour operator default, personal liability, accidental death, legal expenses, repatriation, emergency reunion, dental expenses, and others. A travel insurance policy does not only ensure that you will get coverage for unforeseen losses; it also allows you to avail of a number of services that can be invaluable during times of emergency. Most travel insurance companies offer travel assistance and 24-hour emergency services to help their customers deal with unfavorable situations during their vacations. If you meet with an accident or lose your travel documents, you can seek assistance from your insurance company. The company will offer the best advice or contact local emergency services to help you solve your problems in the shortest time possible. This kind of assistance is especially important if you are traveling to a country where the locals do not speak your language.
Post Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:23 am
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In this too rushy roads and every one in hurry so travel insurance make u some safe in case of any accident
it will help u financially
Post Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:42 pm
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Following are the benefits of Traveling insurance:

1. Emergency Medical Treatment.
2. Emergency Medical Assistance.
3. Medical Evacuation
4. Cancellation, Curtailment & Trip Interruption
5. Personal Liability.
6. Personal Belongings/Baggage.

Al the above are the benefits that you can have,,.
Post Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:22 am
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It is without a doubt beneficial but in order to maximize your benefits you need to find out first what kind of travel insurance you should purchase. Annual is perfect for those who travel all frequently and individual for those who don't travel that much.
Post Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:56 pm
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Travel insurance is usually the last thing on people's mind when they are booking a trip, but can turn out to be the most important thing to have when you are in a crisis situation. Here are some advantages of booking travel insurance:

1. Medical Care: The most obvious advantage is that if you fall sick on your trip, you will be covered for any medical care you need. Make sure you understand the limitations in your policy, as some have upper limits for the amount they will pay.

2. Medical Transport: Most insurance policies will pay for you to be transported to a medical establishment, such as by road or air ambulance.

3. Repatriation: Insurance will also pay for the cost to be returned to your home country after your medical treatment, along with a medical professional. This also covers the transport of your remains if you die while abroad.

4. Medical Evacuation: In the event of you being extremely sick and there not being a good hospital where you are, you will be evacuated to the nearest good hospital for treatment, even if this means taking you to another country.

5. Hospital Incidentals: This covers incidental costs while you are a patient in a hospital. This is only given after a minimum length of stay and also has an upper limit on the amount you can claim.

6. Cancellation or trip interruption: This covers any costs of you having to change the duration of your trip, such as flight changes etc. This includes a death in the family, or something happening to your home, such as fire.

7. Missed Flights: This covers all added costs if you miss your flight back home. This will help you get the first possible flight back, as well as cover any extra costs of changing flights or hotel stays.

8. Personal Liability: This gives you cover in case you hurt a third party or damage any property.

9. Legal Expenses: There is usually some sort of cover provided if you have to get involved in litigation while on your visit.

10. Personal Accident: This means that if you get hurt or die during your trip, you will be given some amount of money.

11. Personal Baggage: This covers your belongings while on the trip. If you lose a bag, a laptop or any other belongings, you can claim compensation for it. This is usually accompanied with information on the maximum amounts you can claim, for instance on jewelery.
Post Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:11 pm
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Travel insurance is a form of protection against the medical costs brought about by accidents, sickness, etc.Traveling or going on vacation is one of life's best joys. But even the most carefully planned vacation can be complicated by unforeseen events. You need travel insurance to address that.
Post Mon May 07, 2012 8:51 am
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