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SSA Actuarial Life Table

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SSA Actuarial Life Table  Reply with quote  

If you are curious, the Social Security Administration has its most recently update period life table available on its website. You can see the average remaining life span for men or women based on current age. I assume the data is pretty good considering the government's massive data collection abilities.

I generated a spreadsheet using the table to calculate the combined probability of one or both of us (my spouse and I) surviving to any particular age. For planning purposes, I use a 10% or less survival probability as my longevity planning point. The result is 97 which I think is reasonable for our planning purposes. Empirically, it is supported by DW's parents and grandparents, all 90s and even a centenarian!

Here's a link to the table:


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Post Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:34 pm
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