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Could anyone spare a moment to help me with an assignment??

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Could anyone spare a moment to help me with an assignment??  Reply with quote  

Hello everyone!

I am currently undertaking my bachelors degree in finance at Oakland Universities School of Business. My business writing class has just assigned us a paper in which we must interview someone that has worked in the job position we wish to obtain one day and then write a paper on the interview. The job position I was hoping to write about is in the investment banking/broking area and would greatly appreciate if someone would take a moment to read the below description and answer the questions. Thanks again!

Contact Interview
Due: September 19th

What does it mean to be a “good communicator” in your company, industry and position?
What communication skills and abilities are expected of a college-educated,
entry-level employee?
What communication problems or issues exist in your organization?
Can you give an example of a situation in which unwritten rules seemed to have been broken?
What kinds of documents do you typically write and for what purpose.
Post Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:10 pm
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wrmcmaha, I'm hoping that you'll undertake the effort to find such an individual with whom you can meet in person and conduct a face-to-face interview. You can have no assurance that anything you read in posts here actually comes from someone who really is what they represent themselves to be. So, have a nice discussion topic, but please don't consider this thread your "contact interview".

Post Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:34 pm
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Nice Post.

observations and solutions for cable companies
Post Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:51 am
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Hello everyone, I also hope that to write a good essay you can personally meet this person, but during a pandemic, I advise you not to leave home and turn to professional paper writing, I think they can help you with any question!
Post Fri May 15, 2020 6:38 am
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