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Breaking An Apartment Lease

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Breaking An Apartment Lease  Reply with quote  

After I sold my condo in June, I moved into a semi-posh apartment complex, hoping to only be here for 1-2 months. I have terminal cancer.

I asked one friend to call the management and ask about their rules concerning dead tenants. They said, if a tenant dies while within the lease, the lease is automatically broken.

However, I may wish to die in a friend's house and be surrounded by few friends as my nearest kin is very far away and we already visited each other last May.

Will dying in another site still constitute as a "tenant dying under the lease" whether in this apartment building or someone else's house? I would only plan to move 1 week before my death.

I also don't want management to be notified until after the university has claimed my body for donation.

We will make sure the apartment is in tip top shape and in clean condition when first occupied.

Should all this be done "BEFORE" the last day of the month?

********************* "OR" *************************

Is there such a thing on relying on the compassion of the complex manager to waive the $2,000 termination fee so that I could leave early to move into my friends house, stating that death is imminent and can be provided with Death Certificate when available, or is this unheard of? Telling them the truth (that I don't want to die in this dark, dreadful, cold and overpriced apartment)?
Post Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:34 am
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