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How to succeed in your assessment center presentation?

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How to succeed in your assessment center presentation?  Reply with quote  

Most banks require presentation at their assessment centers!

The presentation starts with a 5-10 pages handout describing a company/ a business’ situation and a set of problems/questions that you need to deal with.

You have about 30-45 minutes for preparation and about 5-10 minutes to present in front of the bank’s staffs. Then, you will have Q&A session with your assessors.

Do you know the most common pitfall for the presentations at assessment centers? Around 90% of candidates do not sufficiently prepare for this part of the assessment center, mainly because they can hardly expect what the case study will be about…

If you want to be part of the remaining 10% who will be more likely to pass the assessment center round, you have to prepare for your very thoroughly.

90% of your presentation success relies on the way you deliver it and only 10% depends on the content. Of course, under no circumstances we should underestimate the power of deep and wonderful content. But let me focus on this question for now: “How do you deliver your assessment center presentation?”
Post Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:43 am
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