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Help I have 4 payday loans out and I can't pay them off!

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My advice to most people who get into debt way over their head is:
1) Rip up your credit cards. Pay everything with cash or by debit card.
2) Strictly track - with a ledger - where you spend every cent. Also a good time to track your food & calories and eat better too.
3) If possible, avoid housing costs by moving in with friends or family until you are above water again. Or take on a boarder.
4) Avoid loans in the future. They are not for everybody.
5) Do NOT gamble. Do not even play the lottery.
Post Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:58 pm
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I then got a new payday loan so I could pay that one off. Well then that one started to take its toll. During this time I needed to get another because the one I had was taking all of my extra spending cash. Put it this way. Two months later, I got even two more to help keep up with those original two. What do I do? Can I file bankruptsy!

You'd file bk over $500?? LOL.

I looked at your other 7 posts - you bought a house, you are trying to buy the rental house next door, your real estate venture investment that crashed in Sept, - your job as a Financial Professional in Ontario. Do you really want us to believe that you got trapped by PayDay loans and that you don't understand what to do?
Post Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:45 pm
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Two months later, I got even two more to help keep up with those original two.

This is how the Payday lender make money. It's very important for a loan applicant to analyze his true potential for repaying a loan prior to submitting his loan application. You can't repay a loan with another and expect the situation to improve before the due debt of the latter. Bankruptcy is the lender of last resort; get your situation analyzed by a financial counselor just to ascertain if you still have a chance to plan your repayments before you file for bankruptcy.
Post Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:45 pm
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