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Which credit card should I app?

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Which credit card should I app?  Reply with quote  

I'm 4/24 (including CLOC); I was denied C$R. Was recently denied credit limit increase from NFCU. See my stats in my signature.

The denies were mainly due to late pays from 2015, about 2 on the 3 cards and too many new accounts at the time (Jan. 2 new cards, plus auto loan). Chase I had a CO from 2010.

I want to get a new card to MS on and pay off 3 recent higher than normal balances on my cards about $8K. Plan is to MS instead of balance transfer to get the 3 cards to zero before closing statements hit middle of month. Previously I had been paying in full all cards... but went over budget this past month and forced to carry this balance for about 3-4 months. So, I figure it is cheaper to MS and get points and applying the MO's to pay cards with balances vs. paying 3% transfer fee to a new card. I estimate about $6K to MS to get all existing cards cleared. And then pay off the new 0% intro interest promotional card.

DO I try to get another Chase card that offers points and 0% APR or am I wasting another inquiry. All current scores are now 690+, the scores dropped as my new Venture card reported a balance; (still no interest is being charged though).

Or do I just get the Discover Card with 0% APR and rewards and be done with it and forget my chances with Chase? I need to do this today.

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I have worldcore prepaid debit card. Worldcore provides businesses with prompt access to bank & e-currency payments, pre-paid debit cards and VISA/Mastercard payouts etc which facilitates smooth flow of business operations.
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