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How to sell stock that is no more listed in the US

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How to sell stock that is no more listed in the US  Reply with quote  

I just landed with precarious situation.
In my IRA, there was a spinoff, I believe, and I came to possession of TRRSF stock.
Actually, even bought more of it several times. It was doing OK but, suddenly, went dormant for about a week.
IRA is in what used to be Sharebuilder, now Capital One.
I looked into this deeper today to find out that stock changed its ticker to TSU, Trisura Group and is now traded on Canadian SE only.
As the result, I can't sell my shares as broker won't let me do it. Not traded on US SE.

Any ideas what to do with it as in - how to sell it? It's there - and out of reach same time.

Thank you and Happy New Year.
Post Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:08 pm
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