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How to combine money in a second marriage?

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How to combine money in a second marriage?  Reply with quote  

My girlfriend and I are considering marriage. We both own homes. We intend to get a prenup so that our homes, as well as other assets owned prior to marriage, are left to our respective children from our first marriages.

Here's where it gets tricky. I think we will buy a 3rd home to be the marital home and rent our other homes. Mine will generate a profit from rental because the monthly payments are a lot lower than the rent it should generate. Hers on the other hand will be $500 or so underwater monthly, because the mortgage payments are very high compared to the rent it can generate. Possibly more because it only comes with 1 parking space. Since her property isn't "self-sufficient", she'll need to take some of her income to make the mortgage payments. But then doesn't that violate the terms of the prenup, because she'll be taking post-marital assets [a portion of her salary] away from us and into her privately owned home? Likewise, how do I handle the income my house will generate?
Post Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:20 pm
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