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[METHOD] The Easiest Way I Know To Make $$$$ Per Month With

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[METHOD] The Easiest Way I Know To Make $$$$ Per Month With  Reply with quote  

OK, So Ive been on this forum for some time now watching and learning. Now, it's my time to share a little with you guys.

This is a Complete Original Money Making Method That:

- Doesnt require a functioning website and the things that go with it like building it, SEO, PPC, Traffic etc.
(BUT... you will need a domain name.)

- Almost anyone can do. (I say almost cause some people just...)

- Will only require $10 - $40 upfront costs. (Domain for sure which can be purchased real cheap and maybe some other costs we will discuss later)


This is the easiest method to make money I know. I can almost guarantee it will make you money but it all boils down to how you roll with my method.

Ive had 4 of my friends try this out. One of them made $80 within a 3 hour window. NO BS.
The others all made some OK pocket change the first month. 2 gave up cause they are lazy and thats a shame.
The other 2 continued and are making pretty good money for doing pretty much nothing!
My best single day over the last 6 years or so Ive been doing this was $350. With many $200 and $100+ days.

The more you do this the more you make as you build your Portfolio of people under your Affiliate code. So, if youre like me and have done this for a long while, you don't have to do anymore work, its all recurring $$ on auto pilot.



In a nutshell....

1) you will sign up to be an Affiliate for (keep reading)

2) you will buy a domain and forward that domain to your new Affiliate link

3) get some business card sized flyers made up (you can do it yourself with your own printer or pay the printer to do it. Its fairly cheap either way)

4) Go for a walk to your local mall, plaza, movie theater, laundry mats, grocery stores, sign posts, bus stop posts etc. And hand out your little flyers on cars, posts, boards etc. (but use common sense on where YOU decide to do it as there are laws on this stuff).

5) Go home and wait for your $$ to roll in


Sounds easy right? -

Here's a great factor to consider...

The Affiliate you promote has LIFETIME cookies. So, you make money each time they use the service (which can be alot!). Unlike others that are a 1 sale only.
They do all the selling and heavy lifting.
You just tell people where to go and get their FREE ????



1) The Affiliate is :
Psychic Access
You Can Sign Up HERE: (is my affiliate link – if you want to thank me for the method, just sign up through my link – Thanks)
(the affiliate website is very simple, but the Main website is Good)

You get 50 cents a minute for each reading... FOR LIFE !!! That means monthly recurring income!!!!

The best part is.... they offer a FREE 6 MINUTE READING... This is what lures the people in. This is what you are offering people. A Free Reading! Nothing to Sell!!!

The PsychicAccess site at the top says "New Customers Get A FREE 6-Minute Reading, No Credit Card Required!." - GOLD !!!!!

They get the FREE reading... the psychic sells them.. the customer needs to know more so, they pay for a reading and you BANK ! For LIFE !

Some people spend $100's a month on Psychic readings.. and you make HALF each time !!! Every month !!! For Years !!! I know I do !!!!

2) THe Domain:
Pick a good Psychic sounding domain thats SHORT and easy to Spell... Then just simply forward the domain to your new Psychic Access Affiliate link.

3) The Flyers:
Your flyer is simply an offer to get a FREE PSYCHIC READING... Thats it!
Youre giving away FREE PSYCHIC READINGS.
The Flyer should say... Get A Free Psychic Reading - Go to XXX.com and a little pic of something Psychic related.
Feel free to add more to it like: find out this/that, money, career, is he cheating, etc.

Just dont forget to put YOUR DOMAIN NAME ON IT so they know where to go to get it !

I would make about 9 flyers per 8x11 page. I did mine myself in Photoshop. Got 500 printed and cut at the local printer for cheap. Black and White. Nothing fancy, just something eye catching and FREE in big letters.

4) The Places:
The main Demographics for people who get readings are around a 60% female and 40% male. In the age range of 25-40+. Working class/blue collar everyday people. So, put your flyers on:
- Car windshields in mall/plaza/movie theater parking lots
- LaundryMat / Grocery Store bulletin boards
- By busy bus stops so people waiting for the bus have something to do!
etc etc etc....

You can even post ads on Classified sites.


So thats pretty much it. The easiest method I know of making money online with doing the least amount of work with the least amount of knowledge or effort.


There is a way to scale this up and make even more but that requires doing some work and building a web site etc.
Let me know what you guys think.


Post Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:04 pm
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Cash: $ 2.05

Posts: 16
Joined: 14 Jan 2015

This does work  Reply with quote  


A few key points why I go with PsychicAccess for this method and not any of the other Psychic places like keen, California (hehe) etc... YOU GET LIFETIME ... The others dont offer that, so you only make $$ on that initial call. However, I do use the others in the scaled up version.

So if someone goes and gets their first reading today, you make $$. When they come back in a month for another reading, you make $$. When they come back again because they lost their job and need to talk to Psychic Sally for 2 hours, you make $$. FOR LIFE !

If you keep at this, you build your portfolio and you can get to $1k a month within a few months. You can also get lucky right away and make good $$ fast.

This is so much like FISHING. You want to land the big ones. The ones who dont make a move without checking with Psychic Dave. Get a few of those and youre laughing to the bank. But, they dont last forever and they come and go.
Post Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:05 pm
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Cash: $ 2.05

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Joined: 14 Jan 2015

Points to consider  Reply with quote  

**** Points to Consider *****

Look at the demographics I mentioned. There are actually more men than you would think. (who are these guys? lol). But, its best to target the women. Lets break it down some:

--> What do women in the 25-40+'ish age group do and where do they go and when?
- They go shopping at the malls, plaza's and grocery stores. But they only go before and after they watch their Soap Opera's (before 12pm and after 3/4pm).

These are EMOTIONAL type people. They Worry a lot. They really believe in Psychics. They make Emotional based irrational decisions.

- They go to other Psychics (so a flyer posted on the nearest pole of a brick and mortar Psychic Shop is a good place)

- They go to Therapy. Find some local therapists and see if you can post a flyer by the door, close by etc.

- They get their Hair and Nails done. They go to legit Spa's and Massage Therapists (No rub and tugs lol)

- They love dollar stores

- They love the Bakery and little food shops

- They go through the drive through and sometimes when its busy, they have to wait in line a little. (throw a flyer on a pole they can see while waiting in the drive through).

- They love going to the movies (with Corona going on this temporarily out of service)

- They eat at restaurants

THINK ABOUT WHERE THIS DEMOGRAPHIC GOES and Post Flyers there. Don't just put them anywhere and everywhere.


- Have the word FREE big and bold at the top.
- Use a pic like a Psychic Palm or Eye - Women instantly connect with it

Think about the times were in right now. What the top concerns are.... MONEY, CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS
- People have lost their jobs or hours are cut back. "Will I Find Work", "Is my job safe" etc
- People have been stuck at home with their spouses, lots of fights and break ups "Does he still love me", "Will we get divorced" etc.

Use one of those on your flyer. Or leave it blank and let their own minds create the picture.

An Example Flyer:

psychic reading
limited time promo
(IMAGE of PALM/EYE - the eye in the palm pic is a good one)
(optional) Money/Career Problems?

There are 101 ways to change it up. Go with Plain Jane if it hurts your head thinking about it.
I made 9 ads on 1 sheet of 8x11 paper. Each ad is different. I make 500 copies and cut them out. I now have 9x500 flyers. Fits in my Winter Boots shoe box perfectly! I keep them in the trunk with a roll of good quality transparent tape.

You can also have STICKERS made up. They cost more but they are much more permanent and better for Poles etc. But there are bylaws on that. Your call.

- Make your flyers a bit bigger, 6 per 8x11 sheet and add a QR Code to it for easy access.

- Pay more for a BLACK color paper with WHITE or GOLD font. A BRIGHT Girly Color Paper and Girly Font.... It stands out, looks good and the women dig it. But, it costs more. Is it worth it? I think it can be. Ive never tested it myself. But if it makes the person feel good and they think it looks pretty, its gotta be good.


- You can also post your ad flyer as the pic on classified sites, facebook groups/marketplace, etc

- Are you friendly with a local store owner? Leave them a stack of flyers and have them throw one in their customers bags for you.
Post Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:07 pm
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The more you do this the more you make as you build your Portfolio of people under your Affiliate code. So, if youre like me and have done this for a long while, you don't have to do anymore work, its all recurring $$ on auto pilot. SAP C_GRCAC_12 Questions Answers
Post Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:54 am
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